Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Remember way back in June

jelly roll quiltI showed you a jelly roll I had picked up at Sewing Machines, etc. 
Welllllllllllllllll, one is done!  I took the l-o-n-g piece and reversed stitched  it in the middle and then I had two baby quilts…….25” x 31”.  I thought the one quilt needed something and I’ve seen this done before, so I hit the internet and found a flower I liked.  I think I put in embroidered flower image and this was the one I chose.  I ran it off full page to make sure it was BIG.
IMG_3750I traced it onto fusible web and then adhered that to two fabulous bright fabrics.    I pinned them on first (I didn't have steam a seam on the back or I wouldn't have had to use pins!!!!) of all (just to make sure I really liked them) and then I did the blanket stitch around all four pieces.  IMG_3751 
When I was finished it was time to trim, but before that I set my machine for basting and went around the perimeter to hold all the layers together.  I learned that trick from my long arm quilters. I trimmed and then started to look around for a binding.  I found a fat quarter that I thought would look spiffy on the quilt.IMG_3755  I cut my strips and sewed them together on the straight instead of a 45* angle.  When I’m not sure if I have enough and I can’t get any more fabric, I don’t take chances.
Here is the first one.  The next one, I’m thinking maybe a butterfly.  I found this one on the net and you can too.  Click on the lin below I’ll enlarge this and it will I hope be perfect.

The finished product.  So many more ideas, so many more to do........

A little PS for you today

I mentioned over on my quilting forum about my hands after knitting that scarf with the bamboo yarn.  I'm leaving this link for you to read today as an insight into what they are selling us what with yarns, batting, clothing.  I won't be buying anymore in the future, as I think I have problems with the chemicals the product is made with.  I've had cancer once and do firmly believe that chemicals in our environment have something to do with it.  I have to thank my friend Tracy for sharing this with me. 

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Humboldt Broncos
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