Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Remember this

from last year
Miss Henrietta has been sitting in my sewing room waiting to go out to a long arm quilter that does custom work.  I asked her if she could do it in September, she said yes and then never got back to me. 
I heard my friend Irene finished hers, so I was shamed into this.  I’m done!!  I did it all by myself. 
I took a bunch of fat quarters and not so fat quarters and made the backing…..IMG_4057 I had to use up the left over fabric.  Then I sandwiched and then I took a deep breath and started to sew it together.
Every once in awhile I would take a break from the quilting.  I find my shoulders get a little tired and so does my head.  What to do, what to do.  I went on the Jacqui Lawson site for ideas for the squirrel’s tail.  Artist have great imaginations and when it came time for the roof on the house I had to give it a good think.  I sat on the patio talking to Karl and then it hit me……….like a ton of bricks……and I drew it in the air.  (Karl does think I’ve lost it a lot of the time.)  IMG_4059 - Copy This house doesn’t have shingles………it has tiles, just like the old farmhouse in Denmark. 
In two days I had almost everything done.  The blackbirds and the border were left as I had to draw up the border.  I wanted oak leaves that looked “swaggy”.  Like this. oak leaves 001 I measured the width of the border, drew those lines and then started to work.  It didn’t take long…..
This was my accomplishment for 2 afternoons of work.  IMG_4061 I must say that adding all that thread is giving it weight, but that’s okay.  September nights can be cool.
Here they are…..Irene’s which was hand quilted and hand embroidered
New 006 and mine which wasn’t cause I don’t hand quilt and I don’t do the blanket stitch by hand.  I’ve tried both, but they aren’t my “thing”.
IMG_4112I have my label done too…..IMG_4110

Well, now I have to make a sleeve, someone who shall remain nameless other than “old fella”, made the great suggestion to hang it on the dining room wall for the fall season.  Good idea old chap!



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Humboldt Broncos
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