Friday, September 28, 2012

Kristina needs a roll

for all her new valances, so her mother dutifully made her one.
I asked Robin if I could have some tubes from the quilt batting used in long arm quilting.  I know they don’t get recycled the way I recycle them, so she willingly gives them away.
IMG_4064 I measured the circumference which was 7 1/4” and the length.  Then I cut the batting 9” wide, by the length of the tube.  I cut the fabric 9” wide and added 4” to the length.  That will give me 2 extra inches on each end.
I laid the fabric on the batting, leaving 2” on each end past the batting. 
IMG_4065 I then sewed the seam down the long side.  
IMG_4066         IMG_4067
I pulled the covering over the tube and pressed the seam open. IMG_4068 After pressing, I it took it off, turned it right side out and folded over one end IMG_4069 Reason?  It made it easier to start inserting the tube.IMG_4071
Once the whole tube was covered I tucked the ends of the fabric into the tube.  IMG_4072 I then rolled her valances onto the tube.  She now has something to store her valances on.  IMG_4074
It is never a good idea to fold anything that has been made with fusible web.  Once the fold line is made it will be very hard to remove.
No, you don’t have to cover the tubes, I just do it.  The tube is clean, but I feel much better with batting and fabric over it.


Just because its Friday  

...............I noticed over on the visitors count that I have had nearly 50,000 folks drop by since I began to keep the score.
I think its time for another giveaway. I don't know what it will be yet but I'll think about it. 
Contest rules to be announced ~~ soon.  It won't go to #50,000 as I have no way of knowing who that would be.  It will be open to everyone who visits.  I'll take your names and have the old fella pull it out of his hat and someone will win the prize.  That's about as well as I can do.  Watch for it hopefully sometime next month.  Now to get thinking about it.............

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Humboldt Broncos
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