Monday, September 10, 2012

It is painted too and

looks really good.  The back door was an indescribable colour for years.  I think Karl took a bunch of paints, stirred them together and slapped them on.  It came out looking like a soft peach.  I never liked it, but lived with it for many years.  I didn’t take a before picture.  I didn’t want you to see it.  Enough other people have.
Now its done and I personally think it looks great.
It took three coats of paint, but they dried very quickly as the sun was out and it was warm.  We started early in the day and hung it back up late in the afternoon.
The door knocker was a gift to us from Karl’s brother, Hans Andersen.  IMG_3829  No its not the little mermaid, this is The Little Match Girl.  A very sad story that I read after we got the knocker.  Of course, it was written by a great story teller Hans Christian Andersen……no relation that we know of.
We bought the sticker on vacation in Newfoundland.  Karl has asthma and he quit smoking eons ago – thank goodness – but we thought this was a fun way of getting the message across. 
A puffin is a bird that lives on the east coast in the North Atlantic.  puffin  They are quite the “little” bird about 12.5 inches long and a wingspan of about 21”.  You can read more about them here.
We do own a very old copy of  Hans Christian Andersen stories.  My mother was awarded this book IMG_3836  way back in IMG_3833
for perfect attendance in Sunday school something her daughter would never have achieved.  (they had originally signed it for her sister, but that was quickly changed when my mother spoke up.  I was definitely more like Jean than my mother.)
IMG_3837There are wonderful stories tucked inside the book……The Ugly Duckling, The Dustman, The Flying Trunk, Holger the Dane  IMG_3837 who sits in the dark caverns of old Kronborg…..kronborg-castle-denmark-or-hamlet-castles a castle made even more famous by William Shakespeare when he wrote Hamlet.
Who will inherit this book?  I don’t know.  A decision I really don’t want to make.  I hope they never sell it.  Being part of the Danish world it makes it quite a sentimental book for our family.
Okay enough for today.  I’m off to do something, hopefully in the sewing room.

I got the bragging rights......

Kristina and Taylor took part in a 5km race on Saturday morning for Easter Seals and they did it in a torrential downpour with very strong winds at times.  They took 41 minutes to complete the race which I know isn't top timing for those that run all the time, but for our gals that's great.  We are pretty darn proud of these two, especially Kristina, because one year ago this girl couldn't have run 5 blocks.
Kudoos to Cody too.  He stood in the rain and volunteered as a marshall.

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Humboldt Broncos
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