Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I have joined a

swap on my quilting forum.  As I write this 12 people have signed up and the cut off date is in September ~~ about the 14th I think.  Don’t ask me.  I have OAML……old age memory loss.  Well, it’s nicer than what I was going to say.  LOL
I have mine made.  I had an instant idea and went with it.  I dug out my Halloween looking fabric cause its a mug rug swap.  I figure black and orange, but there is always lime green, yellow and purple along with red.  I couldn’t think of any more.
I found this in my stash  IMG_3967
so here’s my orange and black.  This is the backing so of course they will have to turn it over to see it.
 IMG_3970 I plunked this little guy up in one corner.  He has lived here long enough and its time to travel to someone else’s house.  Hope they like him.  He has a name…………it’s Bertie……….Batty Bertie……hehehehe
I’ll have to make a card to go with it.  Think I’m going to use a font my grandson introduced me to a long time ago.  It’s called Jokerman.  I like it for fun stuff like this.   Happy Halloween  Isn’t that neat?
Well, here it is……….IMG_3969 OMG, I’ve goofed.  I made a snowglobe!!!!!  I used insulating batting in this.  I know from experience if you happen to warm up a mug of coffee in the microwave it can get pretty darn hot on the bottom.  Its better to be safe than sorry.
I found this guy at Michaels the other day and bought him.  He is so cool…….IMG_3973
I don’t know who is going to get him, but it was just too good to leave behind.

Okay, I had this sent to me by Martingale.  Isn’t this the most beautiful wallpaper.  Misty has been replaced.  Oh, oh.  I’m in trouble now.
wall screen I received it in an email, but take a look here and see what you find.  You may have to scroll down a bit cause you all know I write this column days in advance.  Its a page from a calendar by Kim Diehl.  I took a gander through the calendar and think its on my purchase list for next month. 

Today is the Day

47 years ago today Karl and I were married.   We are going out for supper and that's about it.  We just put a new pane of glass in the bay window............not the little ones on the side.  Oh, no, the biggest pane there is in the house.  That's our gift for this year.

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Humboldt Broncos
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