Thursday, September 20, 2012

Got a pin?

I have a  variety of pins in my sewing room, in the living-room beside my chair, quite possibly in the rug in the sewing room.  I do tend to drop them quite a bit.
I have my favourites and now that is all I buy.  I try to buy the very best and I’ve been taken a time or two by the cheaper quality. Those didn’t last long in the room.  They tarnished very quickly and as soon as that happens I toss them.
I have flower head pinsIMG_3848 and I was asked to purchase them when I took a class to make this……
 IMG_3852 I don’t wear it often, mostly over a sweater in the late fall.  I love my zipper pull on it though IMG_3855 That was a souvenir from one of our camping holidays. 
These pins are now used mostly for marking rows ~~ hence the number on one of them ~~ or for holding things up on the flannel wall.
IMG_3849  These are my “dress making” pins.  They are a good length for holding heavier fabrics together like denim.  I quoted dress making because that is something I rarely wear and never make.  If I need a dress I’ll leave it to the experts to do it for me.
These two types of pins I very rarely use for quilting.  My favourite for quilting is a straight thin pin.  It glides into the fabric and doesn’t bunch it up.  IMG_3850 I found an article on the web about pins.  Its from Threads Magazine.  There is a lot of information in the article and you may want to put it in your favourites to go back and read it.  OR if you look at the top of the article there is a little word print.  You can click on that and start printing.  Nine pages though.  Just warning you.  No, I’m not getting a kick back from the ink suppliers for your printers.  Don’t I wish I was.
Because everything today is about pins, I thought I would give you a free pattern to make a pin cushion either for yourself or for a friend.  I saw this idea over on Pinterest but no instructions on how to do it.  Tomorrow, the pattern will be here along with the instructions.  Easy little one to make.

I'm in deeeeeep muck!

To my friend......prairie girl.....whom I neglected to mention yesterday as one of my December birthdays, my deepest, sincerest, heart felt apologies.  I don't know how I forgot your birthday. 
Okay, ya think that got me out of mess I got myself in? 
Seriously Irene, how could I forget.  Happy Birthday well in advance cause ya know I could forget again.

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