Wednesday, August 1, 2012


does the winter linger and the summer go by so fast.  My gosh its August already and its time to start putting on my thinking cap for shhhhhhhh, christmas gifts.  I know one, thought of two more and Kristina is all figured out.  I have to get a wall hanging made for Kyle and flipping through a book the other day, I finally found what I want.  Its called Lunar Eclipse.  Won’t take me long once I get to it.
Kristina would like seasonal valances.  Angie’s bits and Pieces just posted a runner/wall hanging for members and right away I thought this is December.  Isn’t this the cutest?
Angies Unfortunately, you have to be a member for this one.  I am either going to have to adjust the width, which means something has to go, or Kristina has to buy a new window.  I think I’m adjusting. 
I have made up my mind for the Jan/Feb/Mar one.  Mitts!  Three pairs.  Jan will have snowmen on them, Feb will be hearts and March a shamrock or two won’t go amiss.
Apr/May/June………….thinking, thinking.
July/Aug/Sept………done!!!!…….Oct/Nov will be fall……pumpkins, apples or something like that.
I have checked with Cody on what he wants and I have Taylor’s figured out.  Now that makes only one left in that family and four in the other.  Easy!  Don’t I wish.
I have cards to make too.  Birthdays in August, September………….ah heck right through to Christmas.  They will keep me busy for awhile too. What do you make for a young man of 20?  He works in the kitchen of a local very popular pub.  I have to get my thinking cap on for that one.
I’m making a priority list.  Its the only way I’m going to keep track of it.  Say, maybe I’ll put it up on the sidebar here and you can watch my progress.  Then you can harass  encourage me to finish.

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Humboldt Broncos
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