Monday, August 20, 2012

Something special

for you to look at today.
My friend, Irene, went on holidays to Nova Scotia this summer and toured through the entire province.  Part of their trip included the western end evangelinetrail and lo and behold Irene was told about a quilt show. 
It was held inside a beautiful old church in a little town called Saulnierville.  Six families by the name of Saulnier were among the pioneers who settled this town, so it was felt that it was fitting to name the town after them.
        Nova Scotia 111 This is the Eglise du Sacre-Couer, a beautiful wooden church built in 1880.  Nova Scotia 104 This is what greeted you when you stepped through the doors. 
Isn’t that magnificent? 
The little flags you see on the pillars are the Acadian flag.  Sorry, I’m not getting into Canadian history to explain them, but here’s a link if you want to read all about it.
Now for the quilts and special thanks to Irene’s husband for sending them over to me so you could all see them.

   Nova Scotia 102Irene wrote to me to tell me that this is a very large guild and after looking it up on the internet I found it listed as  La Guilde Acadienne de Clare and that they meet in this church on Wednesday evenings.  I couldn’t find a website, but did find them on Facebook.
If you are on Facebook, in the search box type in the above name and their page will come up and you can see more photos.

I have started up the page again in regards to quilt shows in Ontario.  Three are in s. Ontario and two are up north this fall.  Not many in the fall, but we've all had a break from them so maybe its time to think about taking some in.  I'm off to Stratford within the next two weeks.  Karl and I are taking a day trip to the Museum and the surrounding area.  Perhaps I'll have a photo or two for you.

I found this last night and this is IMHO the perfect way to start a week. 
Click on the arrow after you have hit the link, sit back and enjoy.

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