Friday, August 17, 2012

It’s a sectional

I sat on the front porch and thought about how this quilt would be joined together.  I – of course – had not read the directions.  I found out later it was there……all there!!!  Embarrassed smile
This quilt is sectional…….IMG_3664  you put your four patches together and then you join them to the lunar blocks.  I had to make things difficult for myself and use 8 greens instead of what the pattern called for.  They only used 2, so I had some planning to do on this one.  Thank you whomever came up with the idea of flannel boards.  If you could have seen me you would have thought I had lost my mind.  Those 4 patches had to be in the right spot before I sewed the whole thing together. 
When it came time to join the blocks I had pressed them all to whatever side I felt like.  Joining was going to be a pain because some of the seams were all going in the same direction.  IMG_3661
To rectify this little problem I decided to press one of the seams open~~like this IMG_3663 I found that the seams still could be “butted” together (you can feel a bit of a edge) so you still had a very nice join. 
So far so good.  It does need the borders added, but I’m really happy with it.
When we went to the quilt shop to pick up the fabric for the pillowcases, I decided to take the quilt with me. While we stood there and talked, a decision was made.  The quilt is finished.  No borders!  Yeah!  Borders sometimes are heaven's way of punishing quilters, I swear it is.  All that measuring, joining, sewing them into place and then you get to do it all over again for another two sides.
Karen had helped select the fabrics and photos never do anything justice.  I told her about the big discussions on Facebook, green, blue or that grey planet fabric being the binding.  You should have seen her face.  It was awesome.  Not an idea she liked!
Off we went to the batik shelf and lo and behold there was a fabulous fabric, just sitting waiting for me.IMG_3701
It has blue, green, tans.  A little bit of everything that is in the quilt………well maybe not the grey.  I have backing in the cupboard and I’m not buying anymore.
I checked the colours of the walls in Kyle’s bedroom and they are beige……..grey wouldn’t have worked on this quilt after all.
I asked him if he wanted to see it before it goes over to Robin and he said no.  He’ll get it the end of September.  I keep bumping quilts in priority.  This one definitely is……….

Have a good week-end everyone.  I'm working on Christmas gifts.  I have one idea whirling in my head and one decided upon.  I'll post as I go.

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