Friday, September 14, 2012

It doesn’t get any better

than this.  Home grown! 

Karl has had a vegetable garden since the year after we were married.  He started with one in my parent’s backyard and when we bought our own house – 39 years ago – he started one here.  Every year he took a little bit more of the yard until the kids and I said stop.  We want room too.

The garden is organic and has been for a long, long time.  Before it became the “in” thing.  Compost, compost, compost and then every year some mushroom compost from a local grower.  The land doesn’t sit fallow……he will toss in buckwheat when a crop is done.  He keeps track of where he grows things and the next year everything is rotated. 

The other night it was a home grown supper.  Not all from our land, but all from Ontario or at least Canada.  I made a peach sauce to go with our pork tenderloin.  I know the pork is from Ontario cause I saw the truck leave the grocery store.

 Look at these.  Red potatoes with pure white inside.  Dug up, scoured, cut into cubes and then tossed in some cold water to extract some of the starch.IMG_3715

IMG_3718  Let them sit for about 10 minutes…..longer if you have the time……and then dry them off.  I just use a clean tea towel. IMG_3720
Put the potatoes back in the bowl, measure and pour over 1 tbsp. Canola Oil (or the oil of your choice), sprinkle with salt and a generous shake of paprika. IMG_3721 I toss them in the bowl and then spread them out on a cookie sheet. 


I baked everything in the oven at the same time.  350* for about 1 hour.

We added some tomatoes and cucumber, 2 cobs of corn and the dinner was fabulous. IMG_3723

I have made these potatoes using a large skillet too.  One time I made them for Reg and Jan when we were out west.  Jan has now made them for her family in Newfoundland and her grandson calls them “gourmet potatoes”.  The name has stuck!

The first time I saw canola growing was out in Saskatchewan.  I had no idea what that beautiful yellow field was so I asked.  Then we started using canola oil versus everything else on the market today.  I have used other oils, olive, vegetable, corn, etc., but this is my preference.  The crop is grown here in Canada and it keeps my farmers on the land.canola
I'm getting really sticky about where I buy things from.  First, Canada, then the USA and then if I have to further afield.  I always wish I don't have to.

News Flash

Not really, but I bet it got your attention.  Tomorrow, I'm heading off to my local quilt store.  I'm signing up for a class.  I haven't done one for awhile and its time.  I have loads of batiks in my cupboard and its time for fabric to go.  The quilt is called Desert Nine Patch.  Its purty!!!  I am going to try to make it queen size.  This one is only 63" x 84" or some such thing.  I want 84" square.  It will be a gift for our daughter/son-in-law's 20th anniversary a year October.  That should give me time to finish it.  LOL
Now about that other workshop I'd like to do..........................hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

For the week-end

I'm leaving you with a link to Quilt Canada 2012.  These were the winners.
In 2013 the show will take place in Penticton,British Columbia
Take a moment and look at these beautiful works of art by the women in Canada 


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