Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to fold your quilts

for display or maybe even storage…..that is up to you.
80/20 batting has a “memory”, polyester batting doesn’t.  When you fold your quilt and leave it for a long time, the quilt will have a fold mark on it and it isn’t always easy to remove.  That is why they recommend you fold your quilts a different way every time you fold it.  It is also recommended not to have the seam line smack dab in the middle of the back of your quilt when you join your backings.  People always fold everything in half……think about it.
I learned this from my Mother-in-law.  How to fold a tablecloth, but I’ve done it for many years with quilts. 
1. Lay your quilt on a flat surface.  This is for display so the right side should be facing you.
2.  Fold the quilt in half, right sides together.  IMG_3730
3.  Bring the edge back to the middle where the fold is.  Just one side!  IMG_3731
4. Take the top corner and the bottom corner from the other side and place them underneath so you now have 4 layers.
IMG_3732     IMG_3735
5.  You can hang it over your quilt rack like this OR you can continue to fold.  Fold in half  IMG_3734 and then in half again.  IMG_3734
1.  Fold you quilt in thirds…..if you are displaying fold right sides out…..if storing fold rights side in.
IMG_3736          IMG_3732
2.  Fold in thirds again so you are avoiding the same fold line as you used the last time.
IMG_3738            IMG_3734
Here you go.  After the first series of folds, be they quarters or thirds, they are ready for your quilt ladder or your quilt rack.  Maybe even an outdoor bench!!

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