Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday freebies

and that’s not all.
I’ve been cruising again.  Sometimes through Facebook and sometimes through emails.  Two great new blogs for you to take a gander through.
The first one is from Martingale Publishing.  I believe I have mentioned their emails before and I know I have talked about their website.  This information should be in everyone’s binder.  You don’t have one?  Oh, please, buy yourself one and keep tips and tricks in it.  Its all located in one place and so accessible for that one day of the year you just might need it.  Here it is………
If I right click on my mouse, I can read down on the pop up until I see “print” and I can print all this off.  You may want to hit "print preview" first.  You should be able to do it too. I checked to see how many pages would print off and found out it was something like 64.  I reset that part on my printer.  Now I have Microsoft, not Apple, so there could be a difference.  You will know your computer and all its ways.
This is where Friday freebie comes in.  From McCall’s.  There are several I found and I’ll give the links to them.  Take your time and read this one well if you like it.
If you like table runners, then this might be your cup of tea.  I don’t make them, but I do like the concept of this one and may think of a way to use it .
This is the last one from McCall’s.  It caught my eye because of the colours.  I’m really liking green and pink together lately.  They have been on here a time or two.
That’s it for this time wandering.  I’ll try to find more for you over the next month.

Okay, I'm going to post this again as some of you must have missed it.  I subscribe to this digitally
because really all I want are the EQ7 lessons.  You can print them off quite easily.  You just follow the directions.

Okay, send some sympathy our way please.  Yesterday the temperature hit 40* again.  Today was pretty warm too.  They told us on the news the other night we haven't set the record for the hottest summer.............that was done in 1955.  Honestly, it didn't make us feel any better.  They also told us we should be acclimatized to it by now.  Well, this old gal isn't.  I'm hibernating for awhile.  I should get lots done and have that list finished sooner rather than later. 

Sunday is August 5th, the day to post the BOM.  I can't believe its that time already.  Monday is a holiday here in Ontario so I won't be hanging around with you gals.  I think I might sew -- something!  Tuesday I'll post all the finished styles for the quilts in a PDF format.
Wednesday we start all over again with new stuff or perhaps some old stuff, but always stuff.

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Humboldt Broncos
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