Thursday, August 2, 2012


I followed the entire mystery clues, did each and every one and then................shazam! I didn't like the layout. I figured one more star block and that would give me another row.....balance it off. I made it, and then I trimmed...................wrong trim size. Now it wouldn't matter what I did it wasn't going to look like a whole lot of anything.
Onto EQ7 to design it again. I think I have now done 17 designs and then almost, just almost, said nuts on it. I had a think about the money involved in this quilt and the time so far and tossing it away wasn't justifiable. I did get a lot of blocks done before holidays but still had eight to go when I came home. I started with block and thought there has to be something easier and faster. Back to EQ and with a colour change here and there -- voila -- I had it.
I spent one day cutting as I was trying to salvage something from what I had done. The next day I set to work at the machine in the back bedroom and made all the borders for the blocks. They didn't take long.
Next day the blocks themselves and when you are chain piecing it just whips right along. I sat on the porch with pins at the ready and pinned two borders per block, sewed them in place, pressed them and then the longer sides. I set them up on the flannel wall and wasn't too unhappy with it.  I actually saw something I hadn’t seen before.

Charleen looked at one row, cause that is all I had done the day she was here and said "where's the stars?" I told her they were coming.
All of Saturday I sewed blocks and rows and then started on the borders. I figured out how much fabric I would need and then made sure I had enough left. I did for all of what I had designed. Borders take awhile to make and I only got two on. I was doing a tutorial at the same time............maybe that's why.
IMG_3576 IMG_3578
We needed milk on Sunday…….yes, Sunday, we have only bought 8 litres of milk on Tuesday and Karl and I had devoured all of it.  We are huge milk drinkers in this house.  I told him anytime after the borders were on I was able to go.
I spent the morning ~~ what was left of it ~~ in the sewing room.  Rotary cutter, mat, fabric and measuring tape at the ready.  I cut, sewed, sewed some more, then pressed…………then started over again.  Four sides all in place and now it’s done……all done.  I’m happy with it.  Not what was called for but hey if at first you don’t succeed……………………………………………..
IMG_3583The backing is the red…..binding to be decided.  I have enough of the print to make a pillowcase to match.  I wish I had had the option on that creamy fabric.  I would have liked another colour.  It may be hard to see, buts its that grey/green leafy one.
Now some close ups and perhaps a tutorial or two will come out of them.  Ya never can tell.
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Oh, those stars?  I'm going to have them quilted on.  The quilt is call Diamond Stars.....well, for now.
I do like how that border corner turned out. 
I might be doing that one again someday.

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