Thursday, July 5, 2012

A return visit

I wasn’t going to be writing columns while I was away but sometimes, you just have to.  Thursday saw us heading up to New London to a favourite shopping place………Village Pottery.  I discovered this shop last year while cruising the internet looking for unique and different places to visit when we were on the Island.
I asked our girls to choose their favourite designs, colours, whatever and they did.  The choice of purchase would be mine.  I bought them each a vase.  This year I had decided to pick up Heather/Peter a utensil holder for their kitchen as Peter is making all new cupboards.  It will look totally different when its done and a few new pieces of lovely pottery will only add to the room.  Maybe I should go back and pick up some salt and pepper shakers too.  HmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmIMG_3238
Kristina phoned just before we left and asked if we would pick up a piece for her.  She said she would really like a pitcher, but a utensil holder would be okay too.  When I walked in the door of the pottery shop, I saw the pitcher and that was it.  IMG_3236  This in real life is beautiful and Kristina is going to love it.  The inside is fabulous too…..
What did I buy?  I added to my yellow…….new salt and pepper shakers to go with my candle holder I bought last year.
I also purchased a yarn bowl………..yellow of course……
IMG_3233  I have already started my knitting so this will come in handy while we travel.  Makes it easier for Misty to get a hold of the yarn too.  I bought two other yarn bowls for friends and a new mug for another friend, although I could have bought her a yarn bowl too.  IMG_3234
Upstairs at the Village Pottery there is a room with other things…….fabulous things……..fabric art!!!  You all know how much I love fabric art.  This is our souvenir piece for this trip.  It is by Margaret England and I’ve wanted a work of art by her for a long time.  IMG_3235  This to me says Prince Edward Island.  A treasure to be sure along with my new pottery.
BTW, Polly got to visit the store too.  Tomorrow she will share everything she saw inside.

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Humboldt Broncos
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