Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Style #2

I’m going to start with this one because all the blocks were finished and the fabric was on the design wall.  I want the rest of this 2 metres for a baby quilt so I had to get cracking.
I have loved the colour brown since I was little. I don’t know why, but brown and yellow were always my “go to” colours including the paint on the walls in my little bedroom. My home today features yellow and green throughout.
The blocks and the second border are all the same fabric.
These are the requirements for this one……BOM #2 style
Fabric requirements:
dark brown ……1  3/4 yards      OR      1.6 metres 
cream……………..1  3/8 yards     OR       1.3 metres
binding…………….3/8  yard         OR       .4 metres
backing...................3 yards            OR     2.85 metres
I cut the sashings for the blocks as follows: 
1 strip of 91/2” wide and then cut 3”.  You will need 8 of them
the sashing between the blocks
3 strips of fabric 3” by the width of the row that has been sewn together.  Mine measured 321/2”.
the sashing between the rows
To keep the continuity of the pattern, I put the first inner borders – top and bottom – on first.
2 strips of fabric cut 21/2” by width – 321/2” (top & bottom)
3 strips of fabric cut 21/2” by length – 473/4” (two sides)
Second border:
2 strips of fabric cut 21/2” by width – 361/2” (top and bottom)
3 strips of fabric cut 21/2” by length - 513/4” (two sides)
Third border:
2 strips of fabric cut 41/2” by width – 401/2” (top and bottom)
4 strips of fabric cut 41/2” by length – 60” (two sides)
I have given both my length and width measurements, however, I strongly recommend that you measure every time you are cutting a new border.  Your 1/4” may not be the same as mine, perhaps you cut your blocks larger.  Always measure through the middle and not the sides.
Tomorrow how I put this quilt together and some tips on joining it up.

Did you watch Morning Live today.....the local Canadian morning show on CHCH-TV?  You missed it?  Well, then you missed some of the dresses that will be on exhibit at the Oakville Museum starting Saturday for almost an entire year.  Its going to be a great exhibit.

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