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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Style #1....

After I finished style #2, I thought to myself, this is my favourite.  Then I started sewing together number 1.  Have I changed my mind?  I’m not sure yet.
The block set up is different on this one.  I call this “log cabin style”.  I cut the fabrics 2” to finish at 1 1/2” and I started by sewing the top border on first.
BOM blockAfter the first side I did the right, then the bottom and then the left.  I strip pieced them and it went very quickly. 
Next comes the first border………..inner……..if you like although there are three borders so I’m going to stick with numbering them.
I cut this border 2” and I used a darker green to frame the entire piece.  The length cut was 48 1/2with the width being 39 1/2”.  Finished width of the fabric will be 1 1/2”, a narrow border to be sure.bom 1 first border
Second border is one of the fabrics from the blocks.  The lightest one and the cut is 2 1/2” .  The first cuts are the lengths which is 51 1/2” with the width being 43 1/2”, which means of course that all sides have to be joined.bom 1 border 2
The third and final border cut is 4” to finish at 3 1/2”.  This fabric matches another of the fabrics in the sashings around the blocks.  The length to cut is 55 1/2” and the width measured 50”.  The finished size is about 50” x 62”bom 1 third border That is it for style #1.  A large lap size, but I want my family to use these quilts and not put them away and keep them.  They will be perfect with a flannel backing for those cool/cold winter nights in the family rooms.

Next week will be style #3 and I'll be making up PDF's for all three and posting them on the Calendar page.

by Maya Angelou

"Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person's life. When you learn, teach. When you get, give."

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