Monday, June 25, 2012

Sorry, I lied!

Well, that mystery quilt becomes more of a mystery every day.  I have tried and tried to like the layout but its not happening. 
Last week I said Charleen and I had it all figured out.  Not me I decided after all, and Charleen worked on it too.  I hit EQ on the week-end and I’ve come up with a design I like…….I really, really like.quilt mq  It is pretty much the same but there are differences.  I sent the design over to Charleen, however she came up with an idea that will work for her.  I have the borders figured out and as we were so smart and bought extra fabric, I can do this.  I’m much happier with this than the original.  Something was too much or too little with the other one.  I can’t decide which.  Now to put rotary cutter to fabric and get it done.
I have one block done as I write this.  I’m really happy with it and will go on and make 6 more.IMG_3019

Of course, I had to re-do the bag I was making too.  It was made of Peltex/Timtex and it was for lack of a better word – stiff.  It had no give and would be perfect for taking to the beach but useless IMHO for anything else.  I like to carry bags on my shoulder – not in my hand – because I’m so short I usually drag them on the ground.  So I took out the Peltex, and used a product called Duo fuse from Innovative Craft Products.  This is really soft and its fusible on both sides.  When you are done with the column today, go back click on that link and check out their website.  There are some great things to make over there.

I opted to sew the pocket to the outside for a change and I softened up the bottom of the bag too.  I’m going to ask Karl to put grommets in and put the handles through them with a big knot.  I’ll leave the inside alone…….no pockets at all and then I can just drop stuff inside……….little parcels, my wallet, whatever.IMG_3020  This is really more me than this ATdiamondislandtote_LRG  Its very nice, don’t get me wrong, but its very stiff and the handle is made from clothesline so no give there either.  I’m thinking I may add a couple of  buttons on there too.  Just thinking, I haven’t decided for sure yet.
I asked Karl which fabric for the handles and he said light.  I like it and I'm not going to be wasting four of those strips.  I'm sewing them together with a big "X" and then placing a button right in the centre.
OMGosh I'm ready for holidays and its just about the right size for shopping at the Anne of Green Gables store, the fabric shop, Amos Pewter and that's only in Charlottetown.  

This is a great article on interfacing.  I've printed it off to keep for future reference.  I found it on another blog and you will have to scroll down a bit to start to read the whole thing from start to finish.

Okay this is for all of you today.  Something a little comical
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