Monday, June 4, 2012

Son of a gun……

My holiday reading has arrived.  I can’t remember where I saw these books, but I knew I would love reading them as soon as I saw the word………thread!
blog 078
Of course, that means new book covers and then it hit me.  I never gave you a formula in case you wanted to make them.  How dumb was that?
Measure the book width…….
blog 079 in this case…..5  1/2” ~~ write it down on a piece of paper
measure the spine of the book
blog 080 this book is…..1”  ~~ write that down on a piece of paper
Multiply the width x 2……..11”, add the spine…..1”
Total…..12”.  Add 2” to this and you will cut the fabric 14”. 
Measure the length of the book
blog 081 this is.......8  1/4” ~~ write it down
I rounded this up to 10” to allow for seam allowances.
The flaps I cut at 3  1/2” x 10” and you will need four of them.

The formula is …….width of book x 2 + the spine and add 2”
…….length of book  + 1  3/4”

I use the edge of my walking foot when sewing the layers together and that measures out to about 3/8”.  It makes the cover a little loose, but I would rather have it that way, than have it so tight the paper cover is being forced into the cover.
The whole tutorial can be found here…….

I won't be starting these books for 27 days.  I'm taking them away with us for my afternoon/bedtime read.  If I remember I'll let you know what I thought of them.  I'm also getting another one as a just in case.  This will be the one.
Chapters is on the agenda this week.  We have a grand with a birthday and we'll be double celebrating on Father's Day with strawberry shortcake and plenty of whipped cream.

Tomorrow is June 5th......................BOM day and the rest of the week will be dedicated to all things block of the month.
P.S.  We went to Chapters sale yesterday.  We did it.  Karl now has 4 new magazines for the holidays and I have 4 new books, two of which I found on Goodreads.  We did remember Taylor's gift card.  I'll be reading a lot this summer by the looks of things.

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