Thursday, June 7, 2012

Putting Style #2 together

This is how I did it……..
I started by sashing between all the blocks first.  You can start with your first six blocks and do them as you finish them up each month.  (91/2” x 3” strips)
Then I put the sashing between the rows, the top and the bottom.
Then the two sides.  I started with the light colour, top and bottom and then two sides.  Finished it up with the outside border.  I measure everything.  Sometimes twice, and then I write it down so I don’t have to do it all over again.
Sewing the strips together is easy.  I don’t pre-cut my strips on a 45* angle.  I take all the strips to the ironing board, lay the first one right side up.
I take the next strips and fold them over at a 45* angle and press.               IMG_2743  I sew them all together on the fold line and then trim away the excess and press the seam open.  When I’m finished they look like this, ready to sew in place.  I do the same for my bindings.  Why?  If I do it this way, I don’t have bias edges to contend with.
When I sew the strips on I make sure that the joins are not all in the same place.  If the light one is near the top I put the brown one closer to the bottom.  When you have all the joins in the same spot, that is exactly where your eye will travel to.
Here it is.  I have my twelve blocks done, but as luck would have it, I remembered to cover up the last six.  Darn me anyway.
IMG_2750 I'm going to leave style #1 until Monday, just in case it runs into a 2 day column.  Tomorrow I'm off with friends to Hamilton for their quilt show.
There will be a column................we've been working on the Mystery Quilt again.......

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