Friday, June 15, 2012

Mystery quilt…….installment 7

Charleen and I were actually able to get together on Wednesday and do some sewing.  We thought this day would never come.  We haven’t had a sew day since before she left for Florida at the end of March.
Before we got rolling, Charleen said “I don’t like what she suggests we do.”  I hadn’t taken a look at the instructions, but when I did I had to agree.  It wasn’t “right” to me.  This was what we were suppose to do.mystery quilt #1 photo 001
What we didn’t like were those two stars together in the center.  It seemed to detract from the rest of the quilt and where does your eye go? 
Charleen liked the looks of the queen size quilt
mystery #2 001
This is nice, but it would take a lot more work and a lot more backing fabric which we have already purchased and now months later we aren’t sure we can get anymore.  We looked at it and Charleen suggested we do this….mystery #3 001 I suggested we do this as it is balanced better. mystery #4 001 If we do it this way we only have to do one row and I’m pretty sure we would have enough backing for it. 
We both agreed this was it. 
Way back in March we fiddled and fooled on the flannel wall with the blocks trying to out smart the designer.  This is what we came up with.  2 photos because we tried two different ways.005 I didn’t mind this but it wouldn’t work with what we had.  Then I tried this…….

006 Bang on!  Weren't we clever.  I have my blocks sewn together now ~~ not the rows.  Time wasn’t on my side last Thursday but this is pretty much what it will look likephotos 021 when I get the final row done and  then sew them together.  The bottom row will be the same as the top.  I like balance in a quilt.  This to me looks unfinished, like its waiting for more to happen.  Okay, I know it is, but you get my drift.
We are getting together again on the 19th to finish the top.  I’ll post both our quilts then.  Then I’m booking it with Robin for her to machine quilt.  This is a Christmas quilt for someone, someday.

Remember on Wednesday I told you Irene had purchased a pattern from Crabapple Hill Studio.  Well here is her first block almost completed.  This pattern not only calls for embroidery, but crayoning as well.  I think it looks marvellous, darling, just marvellous.

This is a special week-end in our family.  Not only is Sunday, Father's Day, but its our Taylor's 
15th birthday.   I have no idea where the years have gone.  Happy Happy Day to both Karl and Taylor.  You are both two very special people in our family.

 Okay something fun to do. I haven't posted one of these for awhile. Click to Mix and Solve

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