Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I have a friend

by the name of Ursula who knows me very well. 
I sent an email over to her last week to see which day she was going to the quilt show put on by the Hamilton Quilters Guild.  Unfortunately, our days to go were not going to coincide.  When I came home and opened up my emails there was one from Ursula and I wrote back and told her that she was going to love the show.
She did! and then she told me she didn’t spend anything at the Merchants Mall, but she figured I had.  She was right.  I did need ~~ not just wanted ~~ another cone holder and I wanted one cone of thread and one spool of 30 weight for an upcoming project.  That was my purchase from Superior Threads and then in the next booth I saw this marvellous shawl all made out of yarns that are hand dyed.  This is from a local little place called Dye Versions.IMG_2940  This is the softest and most beautiful yarn I’ve seen in a long time.  It is bamboo and it is going to make up this.  I need the right size needles ~~ I’m thinking perhaps a circular one ~~  and I have every intention of trying to do this while we are away next month.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Then of course I went into the booth for Quilt Junction.  That is always a mistake for me.  I love this store over in Waterford.  I didn’t confess before but I did buy a kit from them when we went to the Dunville show.  IMG_2938  This is for some lucky children as I hope to be able to make two from this kit.
Okay, this is what I bought this time.  IMG_2941  Everything for Valentine’s Day in our house is old and its time for something new on the wall for the month of February, perhaps March and April too.  I love the colours in this one.  So bright and pretty.
On our way back home we stopped in the little quilt shop in Ancaster.  I was looking for blacks and tan coloured fabrics to make a new bag.  These (in my humble opinion) IMG_2939will be perfect.  I don’t have the pattern, another friend does and she is insisting and pleading we make this bag up.  She didn’t have to beg too hard I can tell you.  Hopefully I’ll have photos for you soon.
Irene and Charleen purchased too.  Irene bought a pattern from a booth from Crapabble Hill Studio and I believe she is ready to go on it.  I’m trying desperately to remember what Charleen bought besides a new cone holder and some thread.  I know she bought more than that, but I just can’t remember. Ahhhhhhhhhh, being a senior is just grand.
That was all.  I really shouldn’t have bought these but I claim that this will keep me out of trouble.  Tomorrow a Smilebox for those of us that forgot their cameras.  Now who could that be, I wonder.

I keep forgetting to tell you.  I went to the Oakville Museum for the launch of the exhibit and thoroughly enjoyed myself both on the Friday evening and on the Saturday with my DIL and number 5 grand.  The evening affair was absolutely lovely and I'm so glad I was able to make it.  The display is fantastic and if you get the chance make sure you drop 'round and see it.  The little comments with each dress are quite interesting and there is a little wee tiny dress that you just have to see.

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Humboldt Broncos
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