Friday, June 29, 2012

Awesome, totally awesome

I don’t know how many of you remember a group called The Irish Rovers.  My family used to watch their tv show many years ago and to this day, we can all sing along with each other to some of the songs they made famous.
Two are all time favourites for us………..The Unicorn and Wasn’t That a Party.  We had a party last Saturday and we’ll be talking about it for a long, long time.
Karl’s niece wrote awhile ago and said she would love to visit us.  We said “okay, no problem.”  We have never met this young lady but all my gang wanted to.  Kamilla decided it was easier to meet us here at the house than what was originally talked about.  They arrived at noon and then we had a “party”.
As soon as the kids heard their cousin was coming they wanted to know what they could do to help.  I should have suggested housework, but I made up a menu and then gave them choices.  OMGosh, what  a load of food and what appetites.  Its gone…………..all gone!

IMG_3031 - Copy  We sat in the backyard for the entire afternoon, eating, drinking and talking.  (The drinking consisted of water, pops and coffee.)  Karl took his great nieces into the garden to pick peas and carrots and they just gobbled them down. 
IMG_3038      IMG_3040
Everyone in the photos is an Andersen in one way or another.  Karl’s niece married an Andersen so her last name didn’t change.  Andersen is as common as Smith in Denmark and we all joked that we are all related to the story writer Hans Christian Andersen. 
This photo I love as well as a couple of others which I won’t bore you with.  The two great nieces from Denmark didn’t speak a word of English……the oldest will start in school this year……and of course, my kids don’t speak Danish, but the little ones expression in this photo says it all.  Isn’t she a little sweetie?
My grandson in this photo would love to visit and he has been invited.  We are very happy to say our grands are really proud of their grandpa’s heritage.
That’s it for a month folks.  Tomorrow we are off.  Driving to the Island and when we are reversing our trip we are stopping in New Denmark, New Brunswick.  It was settled in 1872 by Danish immigrants and was the largest and what would become the oldest Danish community in Canada.  I think as I’m married to a Great Dane, we should stop and visit. 

By the way, I did finish the bag.  Thought you might like to see it.

Now in case you missed it the BOM for JULY was published on Wednesday.  Go  over to the calendar page and it is there for you to download.

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