Thursday, June 28, 2012


No that isn’t a radio station, that was the temperature outside our back door a week ago Tuesday.  Add in the humidity and it was a bit stiffling, shall we say.

I decided to work in the sewing room the rest of the week as no break was in sight.  I thought I would tidy up a bit, but there is absolutely no fun in that.  I decided to put projects together.

I had a ton of fabric left over from the bag I made so that is going towards some placemats.  Not quite this pattern, placemat but close. 

Kristina has asked for a new valance for her kitchen so I dug out an old book and looked through it.  I’ve found what I think she will like so that means I’ll have to pull those fabrics IMG_3027  This book is called Bed Warmers and its by Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith.  I’ve used it a lot over the years.  I like the patterns as they are good for scrap quilts and none of them are very difficult. 

I have some baby/child fabric too so I’m thinking maybe a straight to the point quilt for these.  IMG_3024 

The only large piece I have is the turquoise so that could be the border, we’ll wait and see on that one.  It’s pretty vibrant although I hear the young folks like that.

I’m going to hit the stash this summer.  This would make a great scrap quiltIMG_3030 although I have made one similar to it in the past.  The stash has to go.  It can’t keep accumulating.  There is also this one I showed you up above and those flowers could be swapped out for stars. IMG_3027  My dear sweet daughter saw my swap quilt and likes that, so maybe I’ll do one of those.  It was really easy and could be sewn together by chaining so the time would definitely be cut in half.

IMG_3029 This one I have liked for a long time.  I’m going to start setting fabrics aside and make it up.  Its so eye catching and will be perfect on a wall somewhere in the house.

There is definitely more fabric.  I just have to get around to it and decide what to do with it.  I need backings for a few so that’s on the agenda for a shopping day on the Island.

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Humboldt Broncos
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