Monday, May 14, 2012

A totally fabulous week-end

I'm starting in the middle of this past week-end and eventually I'll get to all of it.  It wasn't just fabulous, it was awesome and it was all family.  I haven't had a better week-end in many, many years.  Forget the Mother's Day thing, this was a family thing and that's what the 11 of us are all about.

When your boy is doing this at the age of 4
I guess it was written somewhere that he would be doing this at 44
Our pride and joy #1 son -- we only have one -- is a truck driver with Tim Hortons here in Ontario.  Some of you remember that wicked snowstorm he was trapped over a winter ago.  One horrendous night for his wife, kids and parents. 
The first photo is Peter on his tricycle with a little wagon behind, that his Dad built for him to tow around.  His sister is the proud occupant.  That little bike had more miles on it than our cars have ever had.  It went to the grocery store and brought home bags of groceries, he could "drive" it forward and reverse, parking that trailer on a dime and perfectly.  He was amazing.
Tim Horton's have a warehouse -- state of the art -- in Guelph Ontario and that is where Peter hauls out of.  He only drives Ontario and gets to choose his routes once a year.  He has one over-nighter which his family can live with.
This is the family portrait for the day........Grandpa, Heather, Peter, Brandon and Kyle in front of the warehouse.  If you look to the very top that building is 100' high and who knows how long.  It is 555,000 square feet.  It is huge. 
Thanks to Tim Horton's for a great family day.  We had a tour of the warehouse and three brave men in the group did go into the freezer section -- hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch with all the free coffee, water, pop you could consume.  We really enjoyed ourselves.

The competition at the rodeo is tough.  You have to drive a "train" trailer attached to another through an obstacle course and back it up as if you were backing into a "dock" at say a store.  The total length 80'.  Good grief some people can't back up a car...............that would not be his mother, by the way. Then they drove a tandem, tandem through the course doing the same thing but a bit of a change in places, then a third truck and then another.  4 different types mostly gear shift! That my friends is a lot of shifting. They had already done a written test and had to do a pre-road check of the vehicle, and they were tested by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.  This is not an easy day....................its nerve wracking!  There are no second chances.  Points are deducted.

Yes, he did goof, but we are so proud of him.  3 drivers from Tims will move on to the provincials.  Doesn't matter how he does, he did it.  Without a word of a lie, he is one of the most professional drivers on the road today.  Yup, just like his Dad was.

We won't get the results for a few days.  Its going to be a long time keeping our fingers crossed.

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The music on this piece is called "Travelling Man". I thought it was appropriate.
Tomorrow our day with our #1 daughter.

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