Thursday, May 31, 2012


Victoria Day weekend was exactly that.  The weather was fantastic.  Brilliant, beautiful sunshine, great temperatures and every once in awhile a lovely breeze off the lake. 

I went outside and decided I wasn't staying in and working in my big sewing room.  I packed up a box of blocks, my small rotary cutting board, my cutter, ruler and outside I went.  We have this fabulous tree in our yard -- a Metasequoia or Dawn Redwood -- that gives off a lot of shade.  Its my favourite tree on our land.  It has really soft needles and they are like a deciduous tree, dropping every year to reappear the following spring. 

I worked on my BOM squaring up the blocks

and then I decided to get out the laptop and design all three quilts.  I lost the original quilt when the PC crashed and believe me I wasn't amused.  That I didn't need. 
I came up with 3 designs that seem to work very well and I'm really happy with all of them.
This is number one and its for the fully embroidered quilt.  I chose greens as my embroidery is all green.

 The sashings on this quilt will be done "log cabin"style.  Each side will have a different fabric, the dark green will frame the entire piece and I've picked two greens out of the sashings to finish it.  I went from a light to a medium. 
This photo is really poor.  I wish it would have come out looking like it really does, but after 3 attempts I gave up.
This is the block.......notice I started at the top, the right, the bottom and then the left.
  I loved the final look

Style #2 is for the embroidered/fused block.  As you know this block is done on a "tan" colour tone on tone fabric.  I wanted brown for this as brown is and always has been one of my favourite colours.  This top is just sashings between the blocks, then add the brown to frame it, then back to the tan and finish it up with brown.

This is what it will look like....................sort of

I am also doing a 3rd quilt.  This one has a white background for the fused blocks.  I don't actually have a photo for you as I haven't purchased the fabric yet.  I know what I want though.
Slate grey and soft grey.  Maybe gray?  I never know which one to use.

I have no idea why I chose grey, but its something that is a neutral and will go with anything IMHO.  I'm going to give cutting instructions for 2 starting on Monday.
June 5th is fast approaching.  The next block will be right on schedule.  The July block will be early as I won't be here for the 5th.  We are leaving on holiday before then by several days so I'm posting in advance. We'll be gone three weeks and I won't be posting anything.  I'll let you know the day it will be up later this month.

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Humboldt Broncos
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