Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Quilts of..............................

The little village of Ailsa Craig, Ontario
is a fair drive from our home in Oakville

but once a year we do it.  A day trip that is worth the trip.  In the past Charleen has gone with me, but this year she was vacationing in Florida so I asked Karl to go along.  This year the quilts being featured were from Denmark.  I thought he might like to see them. 

There is a bit of history to these shows, but of course, me being me, I'm a bit slow to get on the wagon with these.  I started with the Quilts of Ireland, last year the Quilts of the Netherlands and this year Denmark.  The quilts go through a "selection process" and then are brought over to be put on display in the Community Centre in Ailsa Craig.  This is the only way I will ever get to see quilts from around the world and although it takes a couple of hours to get there it is worth the trip.

It was a beautiful show.  The quilts were fabulous and the handwork....................oh my gosh, it was incredible.  Karl got to talk to a couple of ladies from his country of birth.  Of course the first thing asked is where did you come from?  One lady came from just across the fjord where Karl grew up.  Small world.

Now before you begin to look at the Smilebox, let me admit, I did something to my camera and had to borrow Karl's.  I don't like doing that as I'm not familiar with the settings on his, so a couple of photos may be kind of blurry.  I didn't put up the worst of them, so I'm sorry to say some of the quilts are missing.  Next time I'll watch those little gizmos on the top of the camera that now I know I should not touch.
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This is one of two peonie bushes we have in our front garden.  The original plant came from my granny's house and we treasure them.  They are white when they bloom.  I counted 34 buds on this one on Tuesday afternoon.  I don't think we have ever had that many.  Nothing in comparison to my friend Jan, who I swear had a few hundred on one of her peonie bushes one year.  It was gorgeous. 
When it blooms I'll post again.  I know I promised that with my tulips but believe it or not, we had very, very few this year.  Maybe next year will be better.

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