Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I did it! 
I ran two labels off – one for the current quilt and one for the quilt going to Robin today.  I carefully took the paper off the back, cut the two labels apart (I do two to a page) and left them on the board…………………..the cutting board.
You can see where this is going, can’t you?  Smart ladies.
For some reason the one label I set aside, but not the other.  I laid a piece of fabric down and started to trim it.  Then I moved it and saw what I had done.  Darn it!!!!!
001 That long side was the one that got chopped.  I did the other one, because all was not lost.  I took the backing fabric at whatever width was on the board
and sewed it to the long side.  Who says the labels can’t be fancy? 
Then I sewed another one
003 trimmed it and then another one, until the whole darn thing was done.  I purposely cut away the excess across the top to make it “squared” and then set about getting it ready to sew in place.

I only turn two sides of the label back and always for some reason do it 1/2”.  The other two sides are sewn into the side of the quilt when I sew the binding on.
007 Here it is, neatly done and with a bit of fancy to it.
008  No one will ever know you made a mistake unless you tell them
After this was all done, I thought to myself, I could do a crazy patch label for a quilt.  I have one coming up soon that it would look really good on.  My Odds and Sods quilt.  Or perhaps I could do the label that would look like the front.  On second thought that wouldn’t work.  There is a black strip runs down the middle of each block and they don’t make black printable fabric.  But, but, I'm having a thought here. 

Look what I found blooming in the garden.............soon, they will be coming soon.

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Humboldt Broncos
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