Thursday, May 17, 2012



Named for the major expense it was when I didn’t need it.  Named for the fact that I was given the extra feet for the machine, brought them home, put them away “carefully” and then couldn’t find “carefully.”  Named because it took me three hours to thread it properly and I nearly threw in the towel and took it back.  Perserverance paid off.
This is my new serger.  I was working on my old one, when zip-zap a piece snapped off and it was done for.  Of course, this happened just as I needed to hem three pairs of pants.  I was not amused!
I found out after I bought it, that Charleen had purchased the same machine so we took a class yesterday.  My camera just happened to fall into my bag so I snapped a couple of shots while we learned and we did learn.
We bought our machines at Sewing Machines, etc. in Burlington inside the storeand Elsa was our instructor.  I learned the neatest trick.  On your serger you have different colours so that you can follow them and thread your machine.  If you use the colour thread the same as the colour markings you are more apt to thread it properly. 
IMG_2536  We were only doing 4 thread so the purple thread is not on the machine.
I had lessons on my old serger but nothing like this.  We started out by “knowing” the machine.  The first time I that blue thread!threaded the machine, there was one little place I couldn’t find.  I know where it is now.
Lots of other pointers to make our serging life easier.  Which way to put this…………….spool holder I believe it is called.  Now I know.  this side DOWN!!
Starting and finishing and what to do with those tails……
starting and finishing  You know that “L” shape.  That has always been the bane of my existence at the serger.  Got it now.                                 doing that wicked corner
It was a small class…….two girls had one model of the machine, Charleen and I had another.  We meet again next Wednesday for another round.  Then we get a little private lesson on how to overlock.  Gee, I think that’s what Elsa said. 
class is in session


Peter has heard about his truck driving rodeo.  He’s going to the provincials.  Don’t know where, don’t know when, but he’s on his way.  He isn’t driving trains, but tandem and we are mighty proud of him.  Good, good luck in the next round, son.

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Humboldt Broncos
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