Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Once all the blocks were sewn together, I gathered them up and took them downstairs.  I moved furniture around and laid them on the floor.  No rhyme, no reason.  Just set them down.
I figured if I started to play with them, I would never stop.  If there was too much brown, or too much blue in one area, so be it.
It took me awhile to press all the seams, but once that was done, I started to sew the rows together.  That took a couple of hours but as I got closer to finishing it just felt good.
This is it.  Another project finished as far as I can go.  I need backing, but that will be purchased in PEI in July.  I need 5 1/2 meters as I will use the same for the binding. (The finished top measures 81" x 81")
There are draw backs to buying jelly rolls and layer cakes and charm packs if you don’t buy the backing at the same time, or the store has run out.  Then you have to make do.  I’m making do.
Karl and I talked about the backing – I said “no blue”, so we thought maybe something along these lines.  I’ll have the photos with me and two of blocks that I didn’t use in the quilt.

We’ll see how our luck holds out.

Okay, I can hear someone out there say "why did she say no blue?"  I don't like blue.  It has its place in nature, the sky, the sea, but not in my house.  Its just one of those colours that I've never taken to.  Sorry to all the 'blue lovers' out there, which does include Karl, but I guess someone had to not like the colour and that someone turned out to be me.

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Humboldt Broncos
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