Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A day in St. Jacobs

I picked Charleen up around 9:00 am and off we went.  I took a more scenic route out of town than what we normally do to get to the major east/west 6 lane highway we had to take.  I’m not into road construction or tons of traffic.  The highway gives me enough to contend with.  On that subject, why do people take a major highway and then putz along like they are on a back country road.  Come on, people, move for corn's sake.  85 KPH, I ask you, what was he thinking.  No he wasn't an old fella.

The show in St. Jacobs features a Merchant’s Mall but boy we sure didn’t find much to buy.  Not that it wasn’t there, we just don’t need anything.  We found a kit for a pretty quilt, but it was in one of the Mennonite booths and they don’t accept credit cards.  Sorry, no cheques and little cash in my purse.  I did find these five fat quarters – the green for a current project I’ll talk more about this later on and the blacks for a tutorial I’m doing this week also. 

st. jacobs 158

We also found these and they aren’t going to make a whole lot of sense until you watch the Smilebox.  The third photo is the one to look at and number 4.

st. jacobs 159   An old grain silo in the Town has been converted into shops and display areas and the red building on the side is now restaurants and stores too.  It is really something to visit……except for the stairs.  That is the only way for folks to get upstairs and I feel sorry for those that are unable to climb.  The one display was on the third floor.


I love the one little shop.  I always find unique things in it and this time was no exception.  Karl’s neice and her family are coming over to visit this June so I bought them a little “something” to take home with them. 

                         camilla 001 The bookmarks are for her two girls and we are buying them each an Anne of Green Gables book to go with them.

In the Silo there was a little display of work by featured artists.  I was allowed to take photos of these but nothing else.  Not even someone’s collection of aprons.  I was disappointed I couldn’t as I would have loved to share with you.

Here is the show…….
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I just pulled the fat quarters out and looked at one of them as I'm about to cut it up to make the bag that folds up for your purse.  Did I get a surprise!!! 
A metre measures 39"........................half a metre is.....come on, you can tell me......19 1/2",
When I worked for Susan we always cut our fat quarters the width of the fabric and 20".  No halfway stuff at that store.  Every customer commented to us how gratefull they were for the fat quarters they bought. 
I bought 3 black fats at two different locations.  2 in the merchant's mall and one in a local store.  Two of them are properly cut the other one is based on American yardage.  I got 18".
I base my cutting on a full Canadian fat quarter.  There was no signage to say I was getting American cuts..................nothing!  I remember which store it was so I won't be shopping there again. 
  Now I have to seriously rethink my cutting for my bag tops because now I'm 2" short.  I'm not too happy.

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