Thursday, April 12, 2012

This little gem is going to a little boy

Quite awhile ago, my friend Mary Ann sent me some of her blocks from the Mr. B. preview club pack.  I already had some and had started a little quilt with them.  Started, never finished.

I spotted them while looking for something else and decided now was as good a time as any to get moving on this blocks.  There were 2 large blocks -- of course, we each got a different colour -- and then all these charm squares.  What do you do with them.  I put them up on the flannel wall and randomly started placing the charms around the 10" x 10" layer cakes.  It looked pretty good, so I started to sew.

I got the whole thing together, pressed know the whole nine yards and then found more of them.  I added a row along the left hand side and said that was it.  No more.

It isn't one of the most attractive quilts I've ever's okay, you can say "you can say that again!", but it will keep a young lad warm on a winter's night.

I turned around and there on the table was a left-over piece of flannel from another quilt I had done recently.  It was meant to be.

however, it wasn't big enough.  Width I did okay, but length was just a tad short.  I decided to use up the few blocks that were left and this is what I came up with.
I didn't want that row of cotton right in the middle of the backing, so I cut it 8" down from the top, trimmed off the selvedges and then made up the row of blocks.  I trimmed them to the same width as the flannel and then sewed them in place.
I have a little more than just enough now.  I'm going to baste a long piece of white flannel along the bottom for machine quilting in case it pulls it up.  I'll trim off after I'm done.
This is what it will look like when its done.

Yes, that green really works well with it.  Now to find the whale machine quilting pattern.

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Humboldt Broncos
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