Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quilter of the Month

By George, I’m just getting this in this month and that’s all.  It was suppose to be up around the 15th but things just didn’t work out this month. 
Its fun to go to a quilter’s home and spend some time with them and their quilting and in their quilting room.  You get so many wonderful ideas by taking the photos and talking to the ladies.
This month our Quilter of the Month is Elaine, whom I have known for quite a little while now.  She is the “queen of rulers and rotary cutters”.  I swear she is.
009  wait a minute, there are more
and then there was this.  I think this is one of the niftiest ideas I’ve seen in a long, long time.
010This is from Solutions and it holds Elaine’s rulers that have instructional booklets with them.  Is this one smart idea or not.  I love it.  I was thinking it would be good for your patterns too.  Those that you are working on or are planning to.
Like all quilters Elaine has some UFO’s……….not many, but
This is one of my favourites.  Its by Mount Redoubt Designs.  This is a very unusual background.  One not used very often and it could be.  It gives a new dimension to the piece.
Elaine’s husband made a holder for her quilts and this is the one that presently hangs on it.  Its an attic windows design and Elaine wanted it to have a Japanese look to it.  It is in the stairway and sorry this is the best shot I could get of it.
About 3 years now, maybe four, Elaine took one of my workshops…..The Underground Railroad.  023
We only did nine blocks and chose carefully the ones that associated the quilt to Oakville.  There is quite an historical story for us in regards to the railroad.
025This wonderful little piece greeted me at the door.  Birdhouses, all paper pieced.  Elaine enlarged the pattern.  Take a look at the number of pieces in one block.
Elaine and her husband are also the proud owners of two antique quilts made by Lorne’s aunt who lived on a farm in Manitoba.  Circa 1940 for these two.
Next month I promise to be a bit more on time with this.  Til then……..


Pay it Forward Day.  What are you planning?

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