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Part two.............................

but just in case you haven't read part one, you can scroll down to yesterday's column and start there. 

Before you start to measure for your borders, square up the centre piece first.  When the top was first sewn together it measured 32" x 40" approx.  After I had cut with the Lil Twister it came down to about 18" x 27", as you can see you loose a lot.  Upon completion all the sides are bias, so you have to treat it very kindly. 

I didn't loose a lot with the squaring up.  Maybe 1/8" on each side.  I measured for the top and bottom borders and then pinned in place.  Before I began to sew I checked which way the seams were facing
and when it was time to sew I started at the proper end.  I wanted to just glide over the seams without having to worry about whether they would end up facing the opposite way when I was done.

I wanted to try something new for a border I've never done before.  As this was a small piece and I had nothing to loose, I thought now was the time.  I auditioned the fabric on my flannel board and was quite happy with the outcome.
I did notice once these fabrics were up that the oranges popped as did the bright turquoise.  I liked the effect.      TIP:  If you want to try something you've never done before, do it on something small first.  You may like it you may not, but you won't be out a bundle of money if you try it and you hate it and wouldn't it be a beggar if you had done it on a queen size quilt. 
Always give it a go on a flannel/design wall first.  It saves a lot of headaches.
If you don't have room for a design wall in your sewing space, you can either make or buy a portable one.  There are a few on the market or you can make your own.  Mine is homemade.  I had Karl take the door off the laundry room and we (as in I suggested and her did it) put flannel on it.  It is on a slight angle so hopefully when the cat walks by the pieces don't fall on the floor.  When she was little she would take flying leaps at my blocks.  That was stopped quickly by her Momma!
I finished the top.  It took me a morning measuring, cutting, sewing, measuring, cutting, sewing. 
I first did the top and bottom and then the two sides. 
I found the centre of the side of the quilt and marked it with a pin.
I measured it from the top of the border fabric to the pin and added 1/4" to allow for the seam allowance.  I did the same for the bottom half.  I sewed them together and then pinned in the centre and the two ends, and worked my way in from the ends pinning without stretching.  I then sewed it in place.
I followed the same course when I did border number two.

I plan on using up the fabrics for the binding.  I'm cutting them in half so I should have about 20" strips, then sew one orange, one turquoise, one orange, one turquoise.  I am not going to try to put the turquoise where the orange is and the orange where the turqouise is.  One little mistake and it will stick out like a sore thumb.
The quilting will be quite simple on this.  I don't want to detract from the pinwheels and I'm going to pick up a flower for the borders that was originally in one of the fabrics.  I have enlarged it considerably on the computer.  I'm using white thread in the centre and a variegated in the border.

This quilt I will be using that knit fabric on the back.  I measured to make sure it fits.  This little one is going to my neighbour for her little girl's tummy time.  The quilt I gave her will be coming back so I can put a sleeve on the back so it can hang on the wall.  Its too nice to use I was told by her Mommy.

Tomorrow another baby quilt.  I have a tip to share from making this one.

My news......

Finally, we sat down on Sunday and planned a couple of vacations.  We have them booked and we are off in May and July.  May will see us in Ottawa for the Canadian Tulip Festival and I hope to get to here....................the Canadian Museum of Civilization.  I really, really want to see this hall.  They say it is beyond magnificent. 

July will see us back for our annual vacation in Prince Edward Island.  There is still a lot to see and do on the Island and these are some of the things we are going to see and enjoy one more time.
red sand, Prince Edward Island National Park
fishing villages, Malpeque Harbour

magnificent scenery, near Irishtown

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