Thursday, April 5, 2012

It took long enough to get here.........but

Before I begin, I have something to talk about today.
There is a big thing going on right now about copyright and problems with fabric lines that are out on the shelves in our local fabric stores. I'm not getting into because I am so far removed the situation and only know what I have read by several people.

I am going to direct you to one site that seems to say it best. and in turn you can read more here.

Sheryl has provided those of us that write blogs to put a little icon on our sidebars and I have done so.

On behalf of myself I just want to say the following about me and copyright as to my pattern I'm providing free of charge to my readers and the whole thing will be here for the year.
I have designed a block of the month that has taken me months to not only draw, but to write up the notes and do the samples. It is for everyone that is on Coming Together to Quilt or reads my blog. The only thing I ask is that you don't try to pass it off as your own. I'm not selling it, so I don't care if you photocopy it for your friends. If it was for sale, then I would definitely not appreciate it. Do I care if you sell what you make from these patterns? Not particularly. 

Okay now onto to today's post.

April showers bring…….....
This month is so different.  There were three patterns to start with but I’ve narrowed it down to two.  I drew one up, embroidered it, didn’t like it.  Onto number 2, which I like and it’s a big umbrella so I decided it’s for all my golfing friends.  No I don’t play unless you consider mini-golf as part of the sport.  Then there is the last one which is a little one.  This is just one of those bumper shoots you use to get from point “A” to point “B”. Unfortunately for me, I’ve usually left it at point “B”, so never have it when I need it.
In the centre of each pattern is a + .  Fold your square of fabric into quarters and find the centre and then you can trace or apply your pattern and it should be centred on your block.

For the embroidery:  Trace the pattern onto your block the same way as last month.  Place that same piece of freezer paper behind and using your favourite pen trace around all the areas you want to have on your block.  You may not want to do all the rain drops, you may want to add more.  Go ahead, enjoy.  It’s your quilt.

For the applique:  Trace your pattern pieces onto the fabrics of your choice.  I actually used rain fabric.  It has been in my stash for years.  I never use very much of it, just bits every now and then.

If you don’t have rain fabric, here is how you can make your own.  You need three things.  Light blue fabric, fusible web and a fine tip permanent blue marking pen.  I recommend Pigma, in a size 05. 

Iron a piece of fusible web to the back of your selected fabric. (#1) 

  Using your light table, place the fabric and the fusible web on top of the reversed pattern and trace the pattern onto the fusible web.  (You are working from the back side.)

Turn the fabric over and still working over the light table, draw lines on the fabric using the pen.    If you don’t keep the fabric on the light table, you won’t be able to see where the rain drops are. 

This is what your rain drops will look like when you are done. Pretty darn good, aren’t they?

I opted to use a really quilting looking fabric for the golf umbrella and a floral for the little one.  Instead of using floss on this block for the ribs, I used my sewing machine.  I used a dark colour blue thread and starting at one end went round to the other end.  I only had to do it twice.  The little knobby you find at the top of the umbrella I used a lazy daisy stitch.  
I used two different stitches this time.  I did the blanket stitch around the umbrella but for the handle and the raindrops I did a straight stitch.    These areas are rather small and I thought the blanket stitch would take over, so I optioned to just stitch it.

I also used something different for the stabilizer.  I had large pieces of the paper from the fusible web left over, so I put that behind the appliqued piece.  It works beautifully and tears away perfectly.  I would use parchment paper for all my stabilizing but it’s a bit expensive for that.
A PDF is available on the Calendar Quilt 2012 page.
I won't be here tomorrow.  This is a holiday in Canada and seeing as it is, I'm taking the next four days off.  Monday I'll have a little smilebox for you.

See you Tuesday.  Have a wonderful Easter week-end.

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