Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bonjour mes amis

je suis Mademoiselle Rose Grenouille.

Okay, not fair to those that don't speak French, but I wanted to introduce you to the latest member of my "stuffie" family.

Someone found this really cute pattern to make a frog and of course, you know who had to have one.  I wanted a stiff fabric, not a soft cotton.  I went on a long search through my batiks and found this one.  I decided it would be perfect.

The fabric itself is a story.  I have a friend that lives in Washington.................the state of............and she works in a fabric shop called The Paisley Duck.  I was looking for fabrics for some geckos for a wallhanging awhile ago and asked Tracy if she carried batiks.  She said no, but she had these wonderful fabrics that would work.  I told her to send them along. (This is NOT an online quilt shop.  Tracy did my shopping for me out of kindness.)  She did and this one never got used.  I'm not disappointed in that, as the other fabrics left my home to travel to Haiti.  Now I get this one and have a remembrance of Tracy, who by the way lived in Montreal at one time.

You can find the pattern here at Sew Sisters Blog....................
Before you think -- "A frog!" take a look at the end of the tutorial and see the attitude of the frog.  That is what sold me.

I ran the pattern off, but I made mine just slightly different that the instructions said to do.  I traced the pattern onto tissue paper and pinned that to the fabric, which had the right sides together.

I stitched on the sewing line and I used a smaller stitch so that the stitching wouldn't pop when I turned it right side out.

and then I cut it out. I took the paper off and I did all the snipping around the edge and then pulled it right side out.  There it sat!  I search the house for beans as the instructions called for and I don't have any.......................well, truth be told I never do.  Its not something I use.  I think I'm going to go to Michaels and pick up a bag of poly pellets and use those instead. 

Here is french frog.  By the way, thanks to Chris, I now know why the french in Quebec are nicknamed "frogs" and why we say we are going to the "swamp", when we travel to Montreal.  Here is the story.

It relates to the banner of Emperor Charlemagne which depicted three toads on it.
English and Welsh soldiers mistakenly thought they were frogs, the name stuck.

There could be other reasons too.  Want to check it out?  Okay, click on here.  Its an interesting read.

Her name translated?  Miss Pink Frog, not too original is it?

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