Friday, April 13, 2012

Applique these

because they are beautiful.  A new book on the shelf is always one of the best feelings.  I love books.  You learn so much from them.

I don’t always do the projects inside, maybe I bought it for the tips, maybe I bought it because it caught my eye, maybe I bought it because the photos inside were so gorgeous.  This book attracted me for the projects inside, one especially. 
swan blog 001
Isn’t this fabulous?  I quite possibly will never make it, but I can dream about doing it.  Really spectacular fabrics would have to be found for this.  It might take a year or two to find them all, but it would be so worth it. 
I need one of these.  The closure on mine has worn out and one day I’m going to find my glasses on the ground, underneath the car, inaccessible to my short arms.
You wouldn’t have to use the petunia, there are a lot of other flowers to choose from if you so desired or you could just use a really marvelous fabric.
eye glass 001I don’t need this, but I do like the shape of it.  I have no idea what I would use it for, but if I had it, I know I would come up with something.  Something to make when you are looking for a “day project”.
zippered bag 001
The first 25 pages of the book are tips, techniques and tricks.  What a good book should have to guide you.  I loved the fact the machine quilting was shown so you had a clue where to start when you made up your projects.

I guess you would like to know which book it is.  Nature’sBeauty in Applique,
by Susan Taylor Propst, published by Martingale.  It is worth the money.  I bought mine through Chapters and in 3 days it was sitting on my front porch.  I love delivery like that.

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Humboldt Broncos
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