Friday, April 20, 2012

Ahhhhhhhhhh, that light bulb

I thought about it and decided I really don't want to take the quilt top to PEI, so I opted to make a pillowcase from the remaining fabric.  I had a lot of the focal fabric left over and some of the other two.  I wanted to keep the green for the binding on the quilt.

I cut the main part of the pillowcase 24” x 40” and then cut three strips.  Two pink and one green.
035Remember when sewing strips like this to make sure the selvedge are all trimmed off and that each strip is the same length.  When sewing, do one set in one direction and one in the other.  They will come out without “waves” every time, if you do it this way.
After I added the strips to the main piece I sewed up the side seam first and then the top.  I also sent everything through the serger to finish off the edges.
Now it was time to put on the cuff.  I do it differently than the recommended “new way” of doing it.  I am used to the “old way” and this old dog ain’t learnin’ any new tricks. 
I place the cuff inside the pillowcase, with the right side of the cuff facing the wrong side of the main part.
036I sew it together with a 1/4” seam allowance and then put through the serger.  I also serge the edge of the piece that is coming back out and over.  Then I hem this with about a 1/2” hem.  Stitch it down and “bob’s your uncle”, a pillowcase made in a short period of time.038

This will be a lot less to carry around and all the colours I used in the quilt will be there for me to pick my backing.  Now to mark that binding, so I don’t use it for something else.
Karl and I are off to Binbrook, On., today for a quilt show.  They say they will have over 200 quilts in a unique heritage setting.  I promised him a lunch out, so its off we go and I'll share with you soon.


All the sewing machine organizers have been sent and 3 of 4 have been received.

I have received lovely thank you letters from everyone and all the girls are thoroughly enjoying themI plan on doing another gift giving in the fall, so as they say................stay tuned!

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