Wednesday, April 18, 2012

24 ideas

I have had fabric sitting in this house waiting for me to get to it for a long time.  I bought it because I saw it on another blog and I knew the girl that had it, could get it for me.  I asked for 2 yards of the focal and when she checked at the store she found a green and a pink to go with it.  Naturally, I told her to send it along.  This would be the one.
I don't know why I love it, I just do. 

I took a day and went into EQ7 to design something.  I'm lazy, I'll admit it, I wanted easy!!!!!!!  This was attempt #2.  I did like it when I planned it out a year ago.

In the meantime, I changed my mind, so another day was spent playing around.  I must admit, I did try just changing the borders, but still there was something about it, I just couldn't like

I guess I figured if I just moved the blocks around it would grab me, but that didn't work either.  To my eye, it was getting worse, not a whole lot better.  I ditched a bunch of them and started over. 
This I liked.....................I really liked.  However, I didn't have enough fabric.  That creamy colour wasn't in my stash and I had to use only what was set aside. I will make this one day when I have a whole new line to play with.  Say this could be my purchase in PEI this summer.  Don't tell Karl I said that! 

So you want to know what I came up with.  This!!  I scanned all my fabrics into the computer and set to work.  There is a nine patch with the most perfect little fabric in the centre.  It has all the colours of the focal fabric and it wasn't even from the line.  It was sitting on the table waiting for a chance to pop into a quilt.
I nearly, just nearly, decided not to do the snowball block.  There are 25 of them and precision is the name of the game for them.  I opted to do them paper piecing so I know they are accurate.  That means you either run off 25 patterns through the printer or draw them. 

Tomorrow, the story continues.....................................


I thought I would let you all know that Misty seems to be improving.  We had a set back after what we thought was the last round of meds.  Everything flared again.  Karl called our vet and she asked if she could try one more thing.  We said okay.  She now takes glucosamine (1/2 capsule), in the morning and 5 drops of another med with her supper.  She has been super about taking the meds and she is back to normal.  There is a vast improvement and we have our fingers crossed this does the trick. 

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