Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

There is this "thing" going around in the blogging world called "wordless Wednesday", but you know I'll never be wordless, so I changed the name.

Today is really recipe day.  Last week, the old fella and I went for groceries.  Ribs were on sale and as we are getting tired of same old, same old I suggested, asked, told (take your pick, you know me by now) Karl to put them on the list.  He obliged cause ribs are one of his favourites.

When we got home, we looked at the packages and Karl asked how are you going to prepare them.  "I don't know.  My Mother used to stuff ribs and bake them in the over."  Wrong words out of my mouth for several reasons we won't get into here.  I hit the internet

Take a look at these!!!!

Oh my gosh, they are heaven in a roast pan.  The meat fell off the bone.  There are 29 ribs in that roaster and we ate 14 of them...............7 each.........what gluttons..............but you couldn't stop, honestly.

I'm not going to retype the recipe.  I'm giving you the link because you can print it off directly from there.  The only thing I changed in the ingredients was the amount of salt.  We use sea salt and it is a different type of salt than table salt.  To me its stronger in flavour but that's me.  It also has less chemicals and I'm for anything that puts less chemicals in me.  No, I'm not a heavy user of salt.  Its on the table and rarely is it ever used.................mostly for french fries cause fries aren't fries without salt.  Okay, that important bit of information has been delivered. Oh, sorry, I dropped it to 2 teaspoons rather than the 4 for the salt.

Here's the recipe.  Enjoy  ~~  we sure did.

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Humboldt Broncos
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