Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's your

go--to tool in your sewing room?

Okay, I'll give you a minute to think about it.

Time's Up!!!

The tool I use the most is my sewing machine.  I use it every time I put my foot in the room.  I may pick up my rotary cutter, my ruler, my scissors, my measuring tape, but the thing I use the most is Fancy Nancy.

Have you ever listened to your machine while you are sewing?  Mine makes all kinds of "noises" from the start up motor to the sewing. 
I know the sounds. 
I can tell if something is wrong. 
 If it is "clunking", I know I've done something wrong.

How do you start off?  I lower my needle and pull the thread up to the top.  Then just as I take that first stitch, I hold the two threads off to one side and make a couple of stitches and then let go.  Run's like a hot knife through butter.  I didn't pull that bobbin thread up the other night and YIKES what a racket.  I stopped.  Lifted the foot and looked to see what the problem was.  I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.  The bobbin thread. It was bunched up on the back. I was in a hurry and in a hurry doesn't cut it.

I know if for some reason the bobbin hasn't wound properly.  That makes another sound.  I can't describe it, but I know it when I hear it. 

I'm learning my new machine's "voice" too.  She hasn't yelled at me yet, just hums along and seems to enjoy what she is doing.  I know her sounds already and I'll know when something isn't quite right.

Take a few minutes over the next week and listen to your machine.  If you take the time to learn its idiosyncrasies, you'll stop in time to rewind the bobbin, rethread the machine, or take it in for a good cleaning.  You'll know when that is, when you find lint coming up with the thread when you are starting to sew.  And don't, please don't, reach for a can of air.  You are only embedding the thread deeper into the machine. You can buy tiny little vacuums that attach to your vacuum cleaner.  They are fantastic.
I bought mine at Sewing Machines, etc., and I think it cost me about $20.00.  A worthwhile investment.

Sometimes its hard to share things with friends.  I've shared a lot with all of you since I've been blogging.  So here I go once again.

Our daughter has had another biopsy done.  We are now awaiting the results which we should have in about 6 weeks.  The doctors say it is nothing, but we've heard that before.  She is keeping a stiff upper lip whereas I am not doing so well.  That is our family situation at the moment.  I wish I could take all this away with the wave of my magic wand, but somebody took my wand and hid it.

Starting on Monday, March 5th, 2012 to read this blog, you will require a password.  To obtain the word, you will have to email me at
It will be my decision as to whether I pass the word on, or not.
The email address must be recognizable.  It cannot be anything obscure because obscure ain't gonna git ya anywhere.

I am sorry I have had to take this action.  It certainly is something I never wanted to do, however someone has made this necessary.  You all know the story so I'm not going to rehash it.  I'm moving on and hope you will come with me.

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