Thursday, March 22, 2012


A friend of mine, Karen by name, quilting is her game, headed down to Arizona for a holiday recently.  While she was there she posted on Facebook, that she was going to a quilt show.  I asked my friends on my quilting forum................Coming Together to Quilt................if anyone from that area was going.  One girl wasn't, but the other girl was helping to set up, but not attending the show itself.

Once you have helped hang a show, you have pretty much seen every quilt and with driving distances and the price of gas, you think twice about where you are going and what you have to do.

Fortunately for all of us, Linda received some photos of the quilt show and she kindly sent them up to me. I asked if I could make them into a Smilebox and she said okay.
 I can't tell you anymore than that.  I don't know the names of the quilts or who made them.  This is just something for all of you to enjoy, cause gosh darn, I doubt most of us will get there.

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Well, since writing this one quilt has been identified for us.  The first quilt you will see was done by a girl in Linda's guild.  It is fabulous and rightfully deserved the ribbon it won.

This has nothing to do with the Arizona show.  I've been blog hopping this week, reading different things that people have been up to.  I live in this little tiny corner of Canada that has had the best winter on record.....................well my record anyway....................very little snow, pretty darn good temperatures.  Wherever I have been this week, folks are talking about their crocuses and posting pictures of them. 
Not to be outdone, here are our's.  These are new bulbs coming up for the first time.  Karl planted them last fall in a bed that used to have weigela bushes, but his wife complained about them every time she hung her wash out, so out the came.  His wife will not miss them.
These are but a few of the crocuses we have.  I think we ordered over 100 last year.  These are the most unusual ones.  One bulb, three flowers from each.  I've never seen that before.

The snowdrops are finished, but the scila and the early stardrift are starting. 

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