Thursday, February 2, 2012

When all else fails

                                    make placemats.

I've had these blocks sitting around the sewing room for a long time.  There are several 7", 8" and 9" blocks.  I think the idea was to make a wall hanging, but I've run out of walls.  Maybe I should start hanging "stuff" on doors.
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Awhile back our guild's block of the month was variations on log cabin.  I did all 9 of them and here they sit/sat.  Whatever.  I didn't like any layout I came up and then last week the light bulb came on.  Make placemats and give them as gifts next Christmas.  Who says all the placemats on the table have to match.  Boy oh boy, mine don't. 
Only 7 of the blocks are here

When I started this out as a wall hanging, I choose this fabric as the border.

Isn't it one fantastic fabric, loaded with colour. I really like every colour in the fabric and picked them all out when I made the blocks. The pinks, purples, greens, yellow, rusts and browns. Yes, I really do love this piece.

I opted to make all the blocks 15" square.  I added borders to each block

and I must say I do love how they turned out.  You wouldn't know now that each centre block is a different size.

I didn't put the same fabric on the backs of all of the placemats.  I didn't have enough, so I went through my stash and came up with enough, so that the backs sort of match the fronts.  My rule of thumb when doing BOM's is to use up the stash.  I'm not allowed to buy new fabric for them.  When I run out of fabric, I'll change that rule...................never going to happen though.
Here are two completely done.  They haven't taken me long to finish them up. 

I used one layer of needlepunch and one layer of Insulbrite.  I'll post step by step directions tomorrow for all of you.

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