Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Today you can just browse..........

well sort of.  I hope to be a woman of few words today. If you believe that, I can sell you that land I own up on the Canadian Shield! These are the quilts I am putting in our guild's upcoming quilt show.

Misty in the Garden.  A tribute to the latest member of our family who turned 1 on February 1st.  The pattern is by Angie at  I went back and looked for this for you, but I can't find it.  That doesn't mean its not there, it just means I probably didn't look in the right place.

Misty in the Garden

This is Dragon Vine.  I made this a long time ago for our grandson Brandon.  It is finally finished.  It will be his Christmas gift this year.  Kyle, his brother, will be getting one too only in greens and creams.  The pattern was in a McCall's magazine in 2007 and it was a lesson on how to do give and take applique.  You take from one colour and give to another.  Neat, eh?

Dragon Vine

Between Friends.  I love this quilt more for the meaning behind the name than anything else.

Between Friends
Mary Ann in Texas wanted to swap fabrics and I said I would take her batiks for my floral charm squares.  I used the pattern Straight to the Point and when it was only a rectangle I took it to the Quilters Garden Patch where my friend Karen picked out the border fabrics.  Then I took it to my friend Robin of Pettyquilt Junction who machine quilted it for me.  It is really really special and when the show is over, Karl is going to hang it above our bed.

Aunt Bea's Parlour.  My friend Irene and I both did this one.  I bought the kit, not sure if Irene did.  I must ask her.  (She reads the blog, she'll email me and let me know.)  It was a lot of work but the results are worth it.  I love this quilt.  Now I didn't do the borders the way the pattern was written.  I seem to recall I had problems with it, so I did it "my way".

Aunt Bea's Parlour

A souvenier wall hanging.  You know the story behind this wall hanging so I'm not going to say anything more.

Anne with Jersey Calf

Christmas row by rowLast one.  This is the one that started my blog off.  Christmas row by row from Fat Cat.  I thoroughly enjoyed doing this.  I had never done a row by row before.  Once again my friend Irene joined me in doing this and she would send me her photos and I would post them here along with mine.  My quilt is still at the long arm quilters so I'll post the photo I sent to her when I booked the quilt.


I wrote this column awhile ago...............maybe two weeks?................anyway, since then I've interviewed my Quilter of the Month who also taught a workshop for our guild back in 2010.  The lightbulb came on and I've decided to add my jacket to the show. I made this totally reversible because truth be told I absolutely love the lining.  The pattern is from MorninGlory Designs and its the Town and Country Jacket.

Those are my choices for the show.  I have no idea what anyone else is putting in, but if you are in the area in May, pop in and see.  The quilters in our guild are phenomenal and I could show you some of their work, but I'll post a whole video on here once the show is over.

Sorry, I did get a bit "wordy".  I was just going to put the photos up, but ~~ but ~~ but  ~~ well, you know me.

I nearly forgot to tell you.  Karl and I are off on a day trip to Fergus Ontario today to the Wellington County Museum.  They have a Log Cabin Quilt Exhibit until the end of March, so with bribery of a lunch at Tim Horton's, my chauffeur will take me there and bring me back home.
Watch for a Smilebox coming soon.
Wellington County Museum 2
uploaded from Flickr

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