Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tips for Tuesday

This is a tip for those of you who would love to try free motion quilting, but cannot lower your feed dogs.

Believe it or not, my Mega Quilter does not have that capability either.  Rather odd considering it is a quilting machine.  However they do supply a plate to cover up the feed dogs.

the plate

uncovered feed dogs
this is where the plate goes

This is how you can make your own plate.  Using a piece of cardboard/cardstock..................a cereal box will be just fine................cut out a square about 4" x4" and make a hole in the centre of it.  I used a hold punch.

Making sure the hole is centred so the needle can make it through, tape it down onto the bed of the machine.  I would suggest wide masking tape and make the strips long enough so they won't curl up underneath your project.  This length was used because I was lazy.  Well, I might as well be honest.

It works.........

I like to use a product called SewSlip.  I phoned my sewing machine store --Sewing Machines, etc. -- to confirm the name.  They sell for around --sit down -- $40 -- didn't want you to fall there, but you have it for years.  (I see the manufacturer sells it for around $29.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, wonder what the shipping is?)

While I was talking to Erika, she mentioned that many older machines -- this would be my Kenmore for sure -- are able to support a cover plate.  You would have to check with a dealer giving them the make and model, but it may be worth it.  I know Sewing Machines, etc., will order parts for different makes and models.  Goodness maybe you could even get a "free motion foot".  Those are also called "a darning foot."

I'll show you the project I've been working on that brought all this about.  Not today though. 
You know I really love to leave you hanging, don't you.  It is really, really pretty.  I could go on and on, but think I'll drop it for now.

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Humboldt Broncos
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