Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm their Grandma

so I get the bragging rights!

Two of our grands are in high school and both took woodworking last semester.  Now if you knew these two wonderful, fabulous kids you wouldn't take them for the type that would do well with a piece of wood. 

this would be Cody,
is a straight A student with a brain that drives me nuts.  You tell him something and wap!!  its in the head to stay.  He sees something, same thing.  He reads it, he's got it.  Does he study for exams?  No.  Is he honour roll?  Yes.  He is just one darn good all round kid.

This is what he made for his girlfriend for Christmas.  Its a memory box.  It is fabulous.

there is a box inside this box and on the top he carved her name.  She is a lovely young lady........that just says it perfectly.  Two great kids, two sets of parents should be extremely proud of.

Now not to be outdone, is our sporty girl, Taylor.  A grade nine student who is following in her brother's footsteps.  This is our soccer player, wall climbing fun loving granddaughter #1.  The one who doesn't like her picture taken, so you surprise her with a quick snap.  Oooooooooooops!  My daughter has just written to tell me its rock climbing, not wall climbing.  These two don't get their brains from their grandma obviously.

Her option was to take woodworking and she aced it................well, not quite.............she only got a 90.  Only!  This is her work.  Her CD stand.  This is so smooth, cause you know Grandma had to run her hand over it.  When I showed this photo to Grandpa I said, "See that in the back.  That's the jewellery box you made for her."

This is her shelf she made.  She isn't sure how to put it up, so she is going to give Grandpa a phone call and ask for some suggestions.

Two very talented young kids I'm proud to say belong to me, uhhhhhhhhhhh, us. 

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Humboldt Broncos

Humboldt Broncos
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