Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quarter square triangles

Charleen and I started working on clue #3 for our mystery quilt just before Christmas.

This was the extremely difficult step one. 
Oh my, we worked by the sweat of our
brow on this, I can tell you.   

This wasn't much better.  We had to cut up 3" squares.  I don't know how we got it done.

Then we started to read the final step.  We had to make quarter square triangles.  You could use the method where you take 2 squares of fabric, lay one on top of the other, cut from corners to corners and then sew.  I hate that method.  You are working with bias and mine never work out right.  Always, always off.


you could use Triangulations.  We had never heard of them so we hit the computer and started a search.  We found them.  They are from Bear Paw Productions out of Alaska.

We found it on sale at Connecting Threads so we decided to order one each. (By the way, it's still on sale.) I placed the order on December 16th and it arrived on my doorstep December 22nd.  That is darn good service!

I took the CD out of the folder and put it in my computer to find out what it was all about.  My gosh, I'm telling you this is fantastic.  I've used Triangles on a Roll and Thimbles for making HST or QST  but this is better.  You only have to print off exactly what you need.  It comes in a ga-zillion sizes so you don't have to buy all kinds of sizes from the other brands.  There are all here!

I printed off the two pages of instructions for future reference.  I don't like having the laptop on the sewing table and trying to read while I work on things.  If it is run off I can take it with me wherever I go.

My instructions said to run off 3 pages which I did, but I ran one extra to try it.  It was easy, so easy.  Look at them.  They are perfect!

I will warn you though.  This is not a programme you install in your computer.  You put the CD in, run off what you need and take the CD out again, and put it back in the folder and put the folder where you will be able to find it again.  Now I have to practice what I preach.  You must admit I've started well.

I'm stopping here.  I have a show and tell all ready for tomorrow so you can see what its like.

's wonderful, 's marvellous, 's awful nice..............................

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