Friday, January 13, 2012

On the back.................

The weather forecaster said to expect "foul" weather for the last two days, so Karl and I shopped almost non-stop on Wednesday.  When we were finally ready to go, we went first to Michaels, then the gas station and then the grocery store.  Karl didn't like the apples at our usual spot, so he suggested we head over to the "other" store we shop in from time to time. 

I told him I would like to go to Sewing Machines, etc., to pick up some Timtex.  Off we went after our walk in the afternoon.  Wellllllllllllllllllllllll, I shopped.  I was waiting for Erica to finish cutting fabric for a customer when I spied a fabric that would be perfect as a backing for a quilt top I just finished.  It was only $9.99 a metre, an unheard of price up in Canada.  I order from the USA at those prices.

Yellow and red, perfect for the quilt. 
See how well it goes with it.  the binding will be that bright yellow.  Its for that new bed in the back bedroom.  There is a story behind this quilt but it will have to wait until next Friday.

Next I saw this one.  Wild isn't it? But it will look great on the back of my new Odds and Sods quilt I've been working on this week.  Odds and Sods is the perfect name for it, but that is also on the burner for next week.  Thursday to be precise.
I also purchased this just because I liked it and thought I could fit it into some project, any project.  Perhaps my Calendar Quilt as I have a plan for the backing of that one.  It will be a little of this and a little of that.  Calendar quilt on the front, calendar fabric on the back.  How will I do that?  Stay tuned.

I am also making my very favourite baby quilt up once again.  I never tire of this quilt.  Its one of those patterns that never go out of style and I'm so thankful I bought the pattern when I saw it.  It isn't available any longer.  So sad.
I picked up the fabric for this one here and there, whenever something caught my eye and I'm pulling from my stash too.  Its a baby girl so I can pop in some pink here and there.

Here are the main fabrics for this one.  I didn't buy the backing at this shop, but I did get that beautiful turquoise.  The backing was in my stash for another quilt, but the time frame says "do this quilt next".  Baby is coming, baby is coming.
The yellow swirly fabric is flannelette and its the backing.  It really does go well with the "front" fabrics.

I have a little tip for you. 

**TIP** Next time you are out buying fabric and you empty the bolt, ask the sales clerk if you can have it.  It is wonderful to roll your fabric onto and stores on a shelf or standing on the floor of a closet.  I ask in all the shops and haven't been refused yet.  Its one of those 3 R's too..........the recycle one.

These are the three projects I mentioned above.  They are ready to go when I am.

Now just because it's Friday the 13th doesn't mean all is bad.  I received an email from the girl who received my quilt out in Slave Lake.  She has a new home.  She is so happy.  I don't know when she is moving in, but I'm thrilled for her.  She hasn't been "home" for a long time and now she will be.  Imagine, refurnishing a brand new home.  I think I'll find something nice for her new kitchen.  Something fun!

By the way, the weather has arrived.  It looks like one nasty day out there and the sun hasn't even come up yet.  Not that I think we will see the sun today.

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