Monday, January 9, 2012


Just before Christmas I walked into the Quilters Garden Patch and in the sale bin were two fabrics that caught my eye.  My daughter mentioned something about making Christmas pillowcases and I thought I would start by making them for the old homestead first as they take a fair amount of fabric.

I washed the fabric and then I pressed the fabric and then I straightened the fabric and I cut one out.  I went to all people quilt and downloaded the instructions on this new method that is all the rage.  The tube pillowcase!  I started it.  Sewed the cuff to the body,and then I made the tube, I tugged the fabric through and thought "what's next".  However do you sew those side seams?  It says the seams are hidden.
Then I read the pattern!  You can serge or  make french seams on the long side.  I went "What!"  French seams? The whole premise behind these pillowcases is so you won't see the seams.  Well, heck you will see the side seam right from the get go.  The only one you don't see is the one with the cuff.  The way I make them you don't see it either and you don't see the side seam as the cuff hides it until you are well into the case.

I went back to the store and spoke to Karen.  I bought more fabric, because the size they give you will never be big enough for our pillows.  Karen said they call this "watermelon".  I just loved it!!!

Back home again, and back to the drawing board.  I did it my way!!!!!!!  I sat down at the machine and within 1/2 hour had pillowcase number one done!  I put it on my pillow and it is perfect in size.  I love it.

On the following Saturday while the laundry was being done by the little magic fairy, I started pillowcase number 2 and once again from cutting to that final stitch it was complete.  I do own a serger for the seams which I know a lot of people do not have and that does make a difference for the two seams on any pillowcase.

This is the inside of my pillowcase    

and this is the comparison between mine and a store bought one

I can live with the two I made

for a long, long time.

We both like them and that's all that matters in the end, isn't it?
Here are both sets  with my favourite Christmas pillow.  I thought I better put it out where its visible, so Santa would know I still believe.

I'm going to make more, but the next set will be yellow as I need two for the back bedroom.  As soon as I see Kona fabric on sale I'm ordering.

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Humboldt Broncos
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