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brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, it's cold outside.

All the blocks can be appliqued using your favourite method or embroidered using your favourite stitch. No rules on this BOM. It’s your quilt, it’s your choice.

In the centre of each pattern is a + . Fold your square of fabric into quarters and find the centre and then you can trace or apply your pattern and it should be centred on your block.

First up…….mitts or a rope. I made these for my kiddies when they were young. Saved me finding that one lonely mitt lost outside in a snow bank when we made snowmen or went tobogganing.

For the embroidery: When you are tracing to give stability to the block press a piece of freezer paper to the back. I used a frixion pen to trace as it will disappear when you press after completion. When you trace, do not trace the ------ line. That is only for the applique method. I used white muslin on the front a muslin behind as I always do when I make an embroidered block. That way I don’t have to be too fussy about the stitches running all over the place. I did green thread….DMC #904 I only used 3 strands of thread. Your choice, your quilt!

For the applique method: Turn the pattern over. You have to reverse when you are using fusible web. Every section to trace is numbered. Transfer those numbers to your tracings. This is your numbering layout. Start with #1 and follow through to number 4.

I do recommend that you do the embroidery work first. Trace the string, (doing the month is optional so think about it before you trace it off. Do I or don’t I? That is the question.) I chose to make the stitching about the same colour as the mitts. I opted to do the blanket stitch, but you could do satin stitch, zig-zag, whichever you are comfortable with. It’s your choice, your quilt.

**TIP**  You can do all the stitching in one go, around the perimeter of the mitts.  Start where I did

and continue around.  Do the outside of the cuff all the way around and then do the edge between the cuff and the mitt. Secure the ends of the thread.

The instructions and pattern are available here:

**TIP**  If you don't care for the font that I used -- which is Handwriting Mutlu -- you can download your own font from your computer.   For the font I used you can download the page here:
or make your own.  I used a 48 size font for the one I selected.  I used two columns and just kept typing. 
Looking for new fonts?  Try this.......... 
A lot of them are free downloads. ©B.Andersen, January 3, 2012

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