Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's a mystery..........

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Sophie
Happy Birthday to you.
Princess Sophie is 13 today.  She is the special girl that lives
in Irene's home.  She is beautiful and that's me saying that and we
have the most beautiful cat in the world.  LOL

part two.

Remember these from last fall...........
these fabrics were my choices for the mystery quilt.  Charleen and I both chose the same line and we are enjoying this cliff hanger we go through every month.

Clue one was simple and quick.  Do a bit of cutting and put them all away for the future.  We handled that well.
November had us cutting and sewing and cutting and sewing.  It doesn't seem to take long to get these clues done and its fun.

This is just part of clue 2....................well, I can't tell you everything.  Its a mystery you know.

December we had to make arrangements to pick up our clue earlier in the week.  Karen obliged and we got it done before the holiday season rolled around.

January we went to class and got clue 4.  This is going together nicely.  I am loving the looks of it already.  Clue 4 took me almost a whole day to put together.  There was cutting and lots of sewing involved.  When I wrote this, I still had some pressing and some trimming to do.  I wanted all the sewing done as I can sit in the evenings and do this little bit of work.

To sew part of this clue we had to sew 5 long strips of fabric together.
When or if you ever have to do this, **make sure you sew two strips together starting at one end and then when you add the next strip start at the other end.  You won't have "wavy" lengths if you do it this way.**

So that today's column doesn't run on and on and on I'm going to pick up here tomorrow with a good tip on doing those l-o-n-g strips.  It never fails to work.

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Humboldt Broncos
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